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Nurturing Beginnings, Ensuring Hearts In the East Delhi: Your Fetal Echo Journey with Care at Onescan Imaging Centre.

Fetal Echo Test In East Delhi

Welcome to Onescan Imaging Centre in Yamuna Vihar, Delhi

your trusted destination for specialized diagnostic imaging services. Unlike other centers, we take pride in being a distinguished provider of the Fetal Echo Test in Delhi. With a wealth of experience in the field, we understand the importance of this detailed scan for expectant parents.

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Experience Excellence with Our Radiologists:

At Onescan Imaging Centre, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our highly qualified and experienced team of M.B.B.S. M.D. Radiologists, led by:

Dr_ Arvind Aggarwal Onescan Imaging Centre

Dr. Arvind Aggarwal

● MBBS MD (Radiodiagnosis) ●● Gold Medalist ●● Consultant Radiologist ●● Fellowship In Advance USGOBG ●● Fetal Medicine (Chennai) ●

Dr_ Ruchi Aggarwal Onescan Imaging Centre

Dr. Ruchi Aggarwal

● MBBS MD (Radiodiagnosis) ●● Consultant Radiologist ●● EX.GTB HOSPITAL ●● EX. MAX HOSPITAL (PATPARGANJ) ●

Their exceptional credentials and extensive experience underscore our dedication to providing unparalleled care in fetal imaging. Trust in the expertise of our radiologists to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your Fetal Echo Test at Onescan Imaging Centre.

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Onescan Imaging Centre for Fetal Echo Test

Our Fetal Echo Test is a meticulous examination of the fetal heart within the mother’s womb. This essential procedure helps in the early detection of any potential heart defects in the developing baby. Particularly crucial for parents with a history of heart issues or mothers with diabetes, this test becomes a mandatory step in assessing and managing potential risks.

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At Onescan Imaging Centre, Yamuna Vihar, we boast a cutting-edge Fetal Echocardiography Test Lab in East Delhi, equipped with state-of-the-art technology dedicated to ensuring accurate and reliable results. Our experienced and supportive team is committed to providing a comfortable environment for our patients throughout the process.

During the test, high-frequency sound waves are employed to create a detailed image of the fetal heart, allowing our highly experienced & qualified radiologists doctors to examine the heartbeat and assess the blood pumping conditions. This comprehensive approach facilitates the early identification of most fetal heart abnormalities, enabling timely interventions when necessary.

We understand that the cost of healthcare is a significant concern. That’s why we offer a reasonable Fetal Echo Test Cost at our own centre. Booking an appointment with Onescan Imaging Centre ensures you a hassle-free experience, avoiding unnecessary queues. Trust us with your diagnostic imaging needs, and experience excellence in care at Onescan Imaging Centre.

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